FLOSOLE Blue - Size Large GDF1001


Key features and benefits   

  • Massage your feet with every step you take!
  • Cushion your feet when standing.
  • Absorb shock when walking, jogging or running. The liquid gel dissipates foot impact smoothly.
  • Spread the body load over a larger surface area of the soles of your feet. The liquid gel moves to fit the shape and contours of your feet and to where you need support.
  • Unique massage, 'ripple-action' of the liquid gel flowing through the insole creates a soothing massage effect.
  • Wear Hot or chilled for seasonal comfort (Heat in hot water, or cool in the refrigerator).
  • Can easily be transferred from one set of footwear to another.
  • Add clear 'Flosole' insoles to your open sandals or high heels…Feel but don't see the difference!
  • Keep cool with the new 'Easy-breathe' top surface for improved air flow around the feet.
  • Anti-slip base on all insoles for greater security.
  • Breathe new life into your favourite, but previously uncomfortable footwear!
  • Great choice of colours to suit all styles of footwear
  • Supplied with self-adhesive strips for secure attachment in your footwear.
  • Can easily de adapted to suit thong-type sandals.
  • Optional magnets in all sizes for Bio-magnetic therapy. Read more at www.biomagnetic.org
  • Each insole is individually pressure tested with 600kg (1320lbs) to ensure perfect leak-proof quality.*
  • Available in 3 sizes which can be easily trimmed to fit to suit all footwear sizes between UK 2.5 ladies and 13 men. (European sizes 35 - 47)
  • Ultra-durable and easy-to-clean.
  • Advanced, TPU super soft-feel material.
  • 100% Non-toxic, liquid gel.

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