Flo Soles - groundbreaking liquid gel-filled insoles! April 19 2014

It's impossible to feel your best when your feet HURT!

Every day, the average person takes 18,000 steps, sustaining thousands of pounds of pressure on the numerous bones in their feet.
This constant compression often causes pain, discomfort and fatigue.

Fight back with Flosole liquid gel-filled insoles from the Gel Doctor!

Aching, feet, legs and lower back pain is often caused by compression of the muscles in the feet which in turn reduces blood and oxygen circulation.

'Flosoles' are a range of uniquely designed, non-toxic, liquid gel-filled insoles that perform three vital actions.

Firstly, they support and cushion the foot during standing, walking, jogging or running.

Secondly, the liquid gel spreads the body load over a greatly increased surface area of your soles, including foot arches. The liquid works it's way into the contours of your feet in a way that can't be achieved in any other way.

And thirdly, with just the slightest body movement, the liquid gel flows around the insole channels, and has the effect of massaging the soles of the feet.
This, in turn, stimulates blood and oxygen flow and your pain simply flows away!

Massage your feet with every step you take!

Key features and benefits

  • Massage your feet with every step you take!
  • Cushion your feet when standing.
  • Absorb shock when walking, jogging or running. The liquid gel dissipates foot impact smoothly.
  • Spread the body load over a larger surface area of the soles of your feet. The liquid gel moves to fit the shape and contours of your feet and to where you need support.
  • Unique massage, 'ripple-action' of the liquid gel flowing through the insole creates a soothing massage effect.
  • Wear Hot or chilled for seasonal comfort (Heat in hot water, or cool in the refrigerator).
  • Can easily be transferred from one set of footwear to another.
  • Add clear 'Flosole' insoles to your open sandals or high heels…Feel but don't see the difference!
  • Keep cool with the new 'Easy-breathe' top surface for improved air flow around the feet.
  • Anti-slip base on all insoles for greater security.
  • Breathe new life into your favourite, but previously uncomfortable footwear!
  • Great choice of colours to suit all styles of footwear
  • Supplied with self-adhesive strips for secure attachment in your footwear.
  • Can easily be adapted to suit thong-type sandals.
  • Optional magnets in all sizes for Bio-magnetic therapy. Read more at
  • Each insole is individually pressure tested with 600kg (1320lbs) to ensure perfect leak-proof quality.*
  • Available in 3 sizes which can be easily trimmed to fit to suit all footwear sizes between UK 2.5 ladies and 13 men. (European sizes 35 - 47)
  • Ultra-durable and easy-to-clean.
  • Advanced, TPU super soft-feel material.
  • 100% Non-toxic, liquid gel.

Liquid gel-flow insoles for all-day foot massage.….. Discover the ultimate in foot comfort and well-being!

'Flosole' liquid gel insoles are supplied in a range of cool Colours;
Yellow (with magnet), Red and Clear in small sizes;
Blue, Red and Clear with magnet in medium sizes;
Blue and Green with magnet in large sizes.

Gel Doctor insoles are already providing extraordinary comfort in many work, sports and lifestyle environments including Hair & Beauty Salons, Airlines (cabin crew) Hospitals, Retail, Restaurants, Factories, Shopping, Night clubs, Wedding and Bridal, Sport and fitness, Cycling, Ski-ing, Horse riding and many more. Try them today and see how they can provide extraordinary comfort for you too!

Lower back pain, women during pregnancy, Arthritis, Heel
Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Calluses, Bunions & Corns, Varicose
Veins, Chilblains and diabetes sufferers have all reported significant benefit from the use of Gel Doctor Insoles.

Improve Blood and Oxygen Circulation

A consultation with your podiatrist, prior to use is recommended for diabetes sufferers.

*Important information.

Gel Doctor outer skins are made from Thermal Polyurethane ( TPU ), which is a breathable, highly durable and flexible material with very comfortable, soft-feel characteristics. They're filled to a precise level with a special, non-toxic glycerine solution and then individually tested with a 600kg (1320 pounds) weight pressto ensure a perfect seal. If the insoles are exposed to low temperatures or very dry conditions it is possible for the glycerine solution to crystallize or migrate through the TPU, which will result in the insoles going flat. If this happens soak the insoles in water at around 80 degrees centigrade for 2 - 3 hours. This will allow them to re-gain they're shape. Take great care when carrying out this procedure so that no injury / scalding occurs.

Heart Insoles - Wear your killer heels in extreme comfort! April 19 2014

Wear your killer heels in extreme comfort!...

…...with the new heart-shaped, heel and ball-of-the-foot liquid-gel insoles from the Gel Doctor.

Glamour and glitz while shopping or at work in your favourite footwear, and still be fit for the evening to come!

Dance the night away in your sexiest heels safely assured that you'll still be able to walk the next day!

Slip the liquid-gel hearts into your shoes, under the balls of your feet or under your heel to provide extraordinary comfort and support.

The gentle massage action stimulates the blood and oxygen flow as the pain simply disappears. No need for bigger shoes as the liquid gel disperses exactly to where you need support.

'Heartinsoles' are designed with anti-slip bases and can be trimmed to discreetly fit virtually all footwear. For total security use the self-adhesive strips supplied in each pack.

Simply peel off the backing, attach the strips, and position the Hearts where you need the support and comfort. Enjoy!

Gel Packs - The Hot Cold Therapy April 19 2014

The medical application of Cold compression therapy will reduce inflammation and swelling by lowering the skin temperature. It also relieves pain by numbing injured tissues and reducing muscle tension / spasm.

It’s not just expensive sports players who benefit from Hot and Cold Therapy. Anyone who pursues a moderately active lifestyle will, from time-to-time, suffer with a variety of ailments.

A brief list of symptoms that will see benefits from Hot / Cold Therapy include inflammation, swelling, headaches, migraine, colds, nose bleeds, minor burns (including sunburn), toothache, muscle strains / spasm, sprains, rheumatism, cuts, bruises tension, fever, insect bites and numerous other first aid needs. It also helps to relieve pain by numbing injured tissues and reducing muscle spasms.

The immediate application of Cold Therapy also reduces post-operative swelling by constricting the capillary vessels, slowing down the flow of blood and other fluids to the injured or operated area.

As a Hot Therapy the benefits include easing stiffness, tension cramps, muscle aches and strains, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatism, insomnia, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, bruise reduction and many others.

Under medical supervision Hot and Cold therapy may also be used in conjunction with chemical peels, botox, laser and IPL treatments, microdermabrasion, plastic surgery and many more.

Cold and then Hot therapy is an ideal way of dealing with all these symptoms to get the body back in full, comfortable working order as quickly as possible.

Cold Therapy should always be used for several days, wherever required, before Hot Therapy.
Once inflammation and swelling has subsided, alternating Hot Therapy with Cold Therapy speeds up the healing process.
The Hot Therapy increases blood flow and will reduce bruising discolouration.

The benefits and use of Hot and Cold Therapy in Beauty have only been recognised in recent years although there is evidence that the ancient Chinese and Romans were using it well before us!

The application of Cold to the face will reduce any inflammation or black circles and bags around the eyes, ease eye blood congestion, tone facial muscles, improve concentration and ease migraine and many other aches or pains in the facial area.

Hot Therapy follows the application of Cold Therapy to the facial area and serves several purposes. These include the stimulation of blood circulation, wrinkle reduction, reduced congestion and sinusitis, and many more.

Used daily Hot and Cold Therapy to the facial area will enhance tone and impart a natural, healthy glow to your skin. It is also a fantastic stress reducer.

The Gel Doctor company supplies a concise range of Hot and Cold Therapy products designed to accurately apply therapy exactly where it is needed for both health and beauty treatments.

Better by design……life doesn’t stop when you need therapy which is why the Gel Doctor range has been carefully developed to fit your body and lifestyle.

So, whether you have an injury or want to enjoy the Beauty benefits of Hot and Cold Therapy, the chances are that The Gel Doctor has a product for you.

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